It consists of three (single phase) change over switches, each connected to one of the three phases. The single phase
loads are distributed over the three outgoing phase connections. It helps to fight the common problem of Phase Cut in
a three phase connection having single phase loads. (load is distributed over the three phases.)

• Silver alloy contacts ensures high durability & endurance.
• Double break contact mechanism
• Ability of positive making & breaking of contact
• Flame Retardant Material of Contact Housing
• Superior insulating material for electrical & mechanical stability
• Superior Aesthetic and Technologically updated.
• Attractive combination of colors for knob, Handle & Escutcheon plates.
• User friendly & mounting arrangements can be suitably custom mad



Standard conformity IS/IEC 60947-3 IS/IEC 60947-3
AC Rating Code Unit S40 S63
Rated Operational Current le 40A AC 63A AC
Rated Operational Voltage Ue 240V 240V
Rated Operational Voltage Ui 660V AC 660V AC
Isolating Voltage upto (Uiso) V 500 500
Rated Frequency Hz 50 50
Utilliztion Category AC 23A 23A
No of pole 3 pole 3 pole
Impulse withstand Voltage (Uimp) kV 4 4
Moving Contact Brass with contact tip ETP Copper (0.3mm with silver top) Copper with contact tip ETP Copper (0.3mm with silver top)
Type of Terminal Screw Screw
Mechanical Life 10,000-15,000 Opeartions 10,000-15,000 Operations
High Voltage 2.5 KV FOR 1 Min 2.5 KV FOR 1 Min
( Between Terminal & From )
Insulation Resistance >20MΩ >20MΩ
( at 500V DC )
Temperature Range , -20°C to 55°C


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