• Altech mission is to improve the quality of life and the environment through power supply management technologies and services.
  • Our company’s vision is to provide competitive products and services in the home automation, industrial automation and energy management fields.
  • These are also busbars with protective grounding wires and neutral wires in the interior to facilitate wiring of various low-voltage power distribution system.
  • Distribution boxes are widely used in various building , plazas , station , industrial and mining enterprise etc as terminal electrical equipment for power distribution system’s
  • These boards undergo a seven-tank phosphating pre-treatment process to ensure anti-rust conditioning, superior finish and lasting strength. Post this process, premium quality powder coating is applied using the state-of-the-art techniques. These boards are also equipped with top and bottom removable gland plates with a number of knockouts. One can thus install them either flush or wall mounted


DB Technical Specifications

No of Ways 6,8,12 and 16
Type of Installation Surface and Flush mounting
Colour Regal Grey
Door Locking Option Sliding Lock
Gland Plates Top and Bottom Detachable
Bus Bar Technique 100 A
Incoming 63 A Max
Outgoing 63 A Max. Individual
Voltage Rating 240/415V ~AC, Single Phase
Incoming Option SPN/DPMCB/RCCB/Isolator
Outing Option Single pole MCB up to 63A
Ingress Protection(IP) IP42
Standard ICE 61439-3, IS:13032 & IS:8623
Ambient air temperature 5˚ C to 40˚ C
Material Cold-rolled steel plate box


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