Isolator switch is suitable for AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated current 40,63 and 100A, rated working voltage 240V and 415V or below in the power distribution. It is mainly used as the main switch of terminal electrical appliances and also control various types of electric motors, small power appliances and lighting places. Its mechanical life is 10,000 times, of which the electrical life is 4,000 times.



                                                   ISOLATOR TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
S.NO Technical Information ISOLATOR
1 Standard conformity IS/IEC 60947-3
2 Rated current (In)                     (A) 40 – 125*
3 Rated Voltage (Ue)                         V~ 240/415
4 No of pole (Execution) 1P,2P,3P,4P
5 Rated Frequency                           (Hz) 50/60
6 Utilization Category AC 22A
7 Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui)    V  660 V
8 Rated Impulse Voltage (Uimp)(KV) 4
9 Protection Class IP20
10 Electrical/Mechanical Endurance Test (No of Operation) 10000
11 Vibration (g) 3
12 Shock test 40mm free fall
13 Terminal Capacity                     (mm²) 25
14 Ambient Working Temperature -5°C to 55°C
15 Mounting Din Rail Clip
16 Installation Position Vertical/Horizontal
17 Case & Cover Molded, flame-retardant thermoplastics material


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